Metallic Zellige

At Demosaica we have given a step forward and we have launch our metalic zelliges collection, incluiding four different finishes: gold, silver, bronze and iridiscent.

The metallic glow of these zellige tiles makes them unique and very eye-catching. We obtain this very special finish appliying the metal vaporization technique, called PVD.


The available formats are 10×10 and 5×5 squares. If you need to make an special order incluiding other formats please contac us.

Due to the traditional handcrafted process of the metallic zellige tiles, each tile is unique, having its own nuances and finishes, You will notice little variations on their size, texture, feel and tone. Are those differences between pieces the responsibles of the unique and one of a kind appareance of the metallic zellige.

For its installation We highly reccomend a really caring manipulation of the tiles in order to avoid any possible scratch, working with clean and dry tiles will be also helpful in this sense.

As adhesive we reccomend  ELASTICER (FIXCER) or similar products. It is very important not to let the rests of the adhesive or any laying product dry and harden on the Surface of the tiles. To avoid this it will helpful a soft sponge and plenty of wáter.

For the regular cleaning it will suitable a wet cleaning cloth and neutral soap,  avoiding any hash soap or cleaning products, as well as abrasive elements that may scratch the zellige tiles.

The cutting of the metallic zellige tiles can be done with a water-cooled disc cutter.